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Diane Sawyer

The Grocery Game

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Before I get started on this month's column I must share with you an email I recently received regarding last month's column. I cut and pasted this exactly as it was received. Brace yourselves:

"hey how are you? well i was wondering because i ask the questions about the presidents 1-10 and your little papper popped up so when i clicked on it i read your whole story, and still i didn find what iw as loking for what was the point of writing something that didnt even help a neeeding soul such as mine. next time my advise is to just dont give your whole autobiography but all you have to write is what you meant to write, or what the subject was on. dont continue to go on and on without giving an answer. but i think it is all right i found my answer after reading yours and a couple of others."

Ha! It's far better than anything I could ever write! I especially enjoyed the "papper" part. I certainly hope this woman is not attempting to help any children with school work. Perhaps I ought to offer to tutor them for her for free. If she really thought she had reached an information web-site on the presidents with the silly photos and all, I would have to cuncurr that her dipstick wasn't quite hitting the oil! Ahh, but it was good for a laugh. I do appreciate all comments, good, bad, or ugly. Even misspelled!

So, what is the Grocery Game, you ask? Well, my sister-in-law and I were discussing troubling finances and she mentioned that she was going to tell me how to save a bundle on my weekly grocery bill. Always the skeptic, but being curious all the same, I decided to check it out. The web-site is www.thegrocerygame.com which is put together by a woman living in Santa Clarita. I must say that it is truly amazing! I am anti cupon. I hate clipping them. I hate filing them. I lose them in my purse. Sometimes they aren't for the products I use. But, I went on the web-site and found it to be a real treasure-trove! Here's a sample of what the list looks like:

She has a data base that lets her know when the sales are, and factors in when the cupons will expire and also the Tuesday mailer ads and the phantom sales etc. Yoplait yogurt for .33¢? Wow. It brings me back to the 50's and I wasn't even born then!

Sure, I had to change the way I look at shopping. Throw all pride to the way side. But when I get to look at that cash register receipt with a whopping 62% savings, it's a bigger thrill than a cheap beer buzz on a Saturday night!

Von's Savings
Ralph's Savings
spent $34 saved $60
spent $22 saved $32
spent $39 saved $50
spent $40 saved $37
spent $64 saved $83
spent $43 saved $50
spent $26 saved $35
spent $70 saved $76

So there you have it. My bills have been cut in half. Not that I used to buy everything at full price but I was never saving 60% even on my best cupon days. I know the Costco shoppers are loyal but I think the Grocery Game is a better deal. I urge you to give it a try. At least look at the web-site. Remember, if you sign up, to tell them that Jewel referred you! Save those pennies!!!!!!!!

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