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September 2, 2002

So Many Letters

Letters, letters, letters. It seems every time I turn around, I need to sit down and compose a letter. The fine art of letter writing

seems almost to be a dying art thanks to the advent of email but there are times when a good old fashioned hard copy is necessary.

An example of this was when my digital camera took a dump. I took it back to Fry's and since it was out of warranty, they simply gave me a telephone number that was supposedly for customer service. That proved to be a farce and I later found that Toshiba has no customer service department for their older cameras. After many hours spent scouring the internet I contacted a human who gave me the address of yet another human that I could write to. That was over a month ago and I've yet to receive a response. I guess I need to send another letter specifically requesting a partial reimbursement. Not to say that I'll get it, but at least it will be on record. I'll never buy another Toshiba product again. Who cares about their HD TV's?

Then, as I am currently looking for part-time work, I had to put together a cover letter to accompany my application and resume. Geez. Time to blow my nose, I mean horn! I wanted to write something like, " Yes, I can bake a cherry pie fast as you can wink your eye and I promise to wear my Wonder-Bra". How humiliating to try and sum up my capabilities in a one page intro letter only to have it filed in the circular file right along with the letter to Toshiba. But it was good practice writing it.

Then there's the letter I need to sit down and write to MTA. I had my four children and two nieces all geared up to take the bus to Universal City Walk and go and see the 3-D Space Station movie at the lovely IMAX theatre. It was going to be the first bus experience for my two nieces and they were looking forward to it. I was looking forward to not having to remember where I had parked the green van for a change.

I spent some time on the MTA web site checking the bus schedules and lines and using their trip planner. How easy. Catch the bus a short distance from my house and be taken directly to our destination with nary a transfer.

We all had our $1.35 and had arrived early to the bus stop. No bus. Finally a bus arrives but it's not the right one. Three times this happened and each time we were assured by the driver that our bus was just on the way. Heck, we could even see the darn thing parked in front of Aaron Brother's Art Mart on Reseda for quite some time. Out of sheer boredom, we decided to walk down to the next stop, about 100 paces, to make the time go by more quickly.

Well wouldn't ya know it, the bus came barreling down the boulevard just as we were right smack in the middle of the two stops. My niece broke into a sprint in a valiant attempt to hail the bus. She could see the other passengers inside motioning with their hands to the bus driver to wait for us. The other five kids and I were making a spectacle of ourselves running down Reseda with our dollars waving in the wind in one hundred plus weather. Right as we reached the stop, the bus pulled away and left us in it's exhaust cloud.

A mom in a black minivan began to honk at the bus but it did no good. That bus was on its way and we weren't on it. I told the kids that it was a good thing we didn't depend on this ramshackle system to get around and that I'd be happy to drive them to our destination, but nobody wanted to go at that point.

Instead, we went to Winnetka and saw Men In Black II. I promised we'd try again and that I'd let some other adult plan our trip since I had failed.

We were so hot and mad. I promised to write a letter complete with the photo I took of all six of them cheerfully waiting at the bus stop. I haven't done it yet. My ire has dwindled. But I may get around to it.

Finally, there's the letter I want to write to Nintendo. A nice letter. I want to thank them for designing such a durable product. I've only had to call them once to try and locate some battery covers to my sons' Gameboys and they sent them to me gratis. Then, we accidentally washed two of the Gameboy games. Believe it or not, the doggone things still work. I am truly amazed. What a product for a household like mine. I will write the letter and I bet it won't get filed in the circular file.

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