Too bad all of the people who know how to run the country are busy driving cabs and cutting hair.

--George Burns

October 7, 2002

Presidential Woes

So much talk about Presidents these days. Bush, Saddam, Arafat. It's on the front page everyday. And With Presidents Day just around the corner ( I only know this because it's near my husband's birthday) I figured I'd fudge a little and do a quick little page devoted to those guys who attempt to run our continents. Being a non political sort, I don't have a whole lot to say so I thought I'd start off by sharing the poem I wrote in an attempt to help my boys remember who the U.S. Presidents were, and in the correct order to boot! Feel free to pass it along to any and all Fifth Graders who face this daunting task. Here it 'tis me laddies!

1. George Washington washed his clothes.

2. John Adams had 2 stinky toes.

3. Thomas Jefferson was smart in 3 ways.

4. James Madison had 4 mad sons in his way.

5. Number 5 is James Monroe.

6. John Quincy Adams was 6th in the show.

7. Andrew Jackson was number 7.

8. Martin Van Buren followed him up to heaven.

9. William Henry Harrison had 9 inches of hair.

10. But John Tylor #10 didn't seem to care.

*Now you've remembered one through ten, say the whole thing over again.

11. James Polk danced 11 dances.

12. Zachary Taylor hemmed 12 "pantses".

13. Millard Fillmore filled up 13 trains.

14. Franklin Pierce had 14 holes in his brains.

15. Number 15 is James Buchanan.

16. Followed by Lincoln who was such a good "mannen".

17. Andrew Johnson watered 17 plants.

18. After him came Ulysses S. Grant.

19. Rutherford B. Hayes had 19 hay fields.

20. Number 20 was James A. Garfield.

*Now you know one through twenty, you've remembered good-n-plenty.

21. Chester Arthur is 21.

22. Grover Cleveland at 22 didn't have as much fun.

23. Benjamin Harrison wasn't the inventor.

24. At 24, Grover Cleveland wasn't his mentor.

25. William McKinley is 25.

26. Then Theodore Roosevelt who's not still alive.

27. William Taft rode on 27 rafts of late.

28. Woodrow Wilson painted 28 wooden gates.

29. Warren Harding was a hard body at 29.

30. Calvin Coolidge was a cool 30's guy.

*Now you've learned them up to thirty, you are getting down and dirty.

31. Herbert Hoover vacuumed 31 rugs.

32. Franklin D. Roosevelt felt 32 bugs.

33. Harry S. Truman told the truth 33 times.

34. And with Dwight D. Eisenhower, nothing rhymes.

35. John F. Kennedy is 35.

36. Lyndon B. Johnson was next in line.

37. Richard Nixon told 37 lies.

38. Gerald Ford tripped 38 times.

39. Jimmy Carter is 39.

40. Ronald Reagan can act quite fine.

*40 is the number you now know,

41. George Bush

42. Bill Clinton

43. George W. Bush are the last three in the row.

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