Is Everyone This Busy? Or Is It Just Me?

Ha ha Just for fun I went back and read the past few October editions of the Muse and they are all frightenly the same! Too much to do, too little time, soccer practices driving me out of my mind. Birthday parties, joined a new gym, my thoughts running wild, I can't think through the din. And every year I survive it and live to tell the tale. Every year, as I attempt to adapt to our new schedules, it seems to me that it is a completely unique situation, and that there is no way one human can possibly be expected to complete the tasks at hand. I actually counted the number of trips I made in my van yesterday, and it totaled 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mentioned that in passing to the hub, and he told me to "stop doing that".

Which trip shouldn't I take, I wondered..... Gee, I'd love to miss the trip to work, or the high school car-line. What about the trip to the employment agency? That was buckets of fun. How about to my mother-in-law's to pick up our sick son who she was kind enough to watch? Was he supposed to walk home? Or the trip to the gym? I guess I could eat less and skip the work-out. I could have walked to the grammar school to pick up our daughter if I hadn't had to rush right off to high school to pick up her older brothers. They could have taken the bus home if not for soccer practice being 30 minutes after school.... Then there were the soccer practices at different times and grocery shopping in between. I could have ordered pizza and given them lunch money so as to skip the grocery shopping. With rumors of gas hitting $5.00/gal these might all become viable options.

Hubby remembers when he was a youngster playing soccer. He used to ride his bike to practice. He lived a lot closer to the park than we do, and traffic then was nothing like it is now. He doesn't want to hear me utter a single word complaining about shuttling the kids to and from practice. But he doesn't want to pay the gas bills either. But it is not safe to let them ride their bikes in the dark. So, just in case my friends and family wonder why I never call or seem so preoccupied on the phone when they do happen to get me, here is a typical day of my life in October:

6 AM get my sorry butt out of bed
7:05 Drive the big boys to high school
7:45 arrive to work (the only chance I get to "relax")
12:45 drive home
1:45 go to the gym
2:45 pick up the little ones from school
3:05 pick up the big boys from high school
3:30 pack lunches, peel potatoes for dinner, throw a load of laundry in,
and assist with homework, make sure soccer players are changed into
4:45 drop off one boy at one park for practice
5:00 drop off the other boy at the other park
5:15 run to Smart N Final for birthday food shopping
5:45 drop off the food at home
5:50 go to the first park to grab the soccer picture info that was
supposed to go to the other park!!!
6:00 drop off daughter at the other park and deliver correct soccer
picture info to the coach to be passed out. Pick up son.
6:10 Go to the Dollar Store with son so he can buy daughter a birthday
6:30 Go back to park where daughter is practicing and realize I forgot
to pick up my son at the first park.
6:45 pick up son at other park
7:00 pick up daughter
7:15 arrive home to eat dinner
8:00 study for social studies until 10:00
10:00 watch Medium
11:30 Return my sorry butt to bed.

It's all good stuff, just so much of it! I pine for quiet Sundays lounging in my pj's, drinking coffee and actually reading Sunday's paper on Sunday. Time moves so quickly. I feel guilty about not having time to read a bed-time story to my daughter. Studies have to come first. I promise I will make it up to her someday, but I don't think she understands. We might have time for that bed-time story when she is 20. This is why she so adores her time with Nonny who has time to read and cook special meals. To make elaborate stringed bead patterns and pretend. I am the drill sergeant. Get up! Put your dishes in the sink! Put your books away! Get ready for soccer! Take a shower! I love You!

Cabbage Head!

Hope you all have a great Halloween!

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Funny Halloween Tombstone Sayings

Justin Tyme

Yetta Nother

Barry A. Live

Dawn Under

Ted N. Buried

Yul B. Next

Bill M. Later

Lefty B. Hynde

Kerry M. Off

Fester N. Rott

Reid N. Weep

Sue D. Bum

Jess Gough

Barry M. Deep

U.R. Gone

Otta B. Alive

Mummy B. Ware

Will B. Back

Berry D. Hatchet

R.U. Next

Dr. Izzy Gone

Emma Ghost

M.T. Tomb




Two men were walking home after a Halloween party and decided to take a shortcut through the cemetery just for laughs.
Right in the middle of the cemetery they were startled by a tap-tap-tapping noise coming from the misty shadows.
Trembling with fear, they found an old man with a hammer and chisel, chipping away at one of the headstones.
"Holy cow, Mister," one of them said after catching his breath, "You scared us half to death -- we thought you were a ghost! What are you doing working here so late at night?"
"Those fools!" the o
ld man grumbled. "They misspelled my name!"


The Wolf Man comes home one day from a long day at the office. "How was work, dear?" his wife asks.
"Listen! I don't want to talk about work!" he shouts.
"Okay. Would you like to sit down and eat a nice home cooked meal?" she asks nicely.
"Listen!" he shouts again. "I'm not hungry! I don't wanna eat! All right! Is that all right with you? Can I come home from work and just do my own thing without you forcing food down my throat? huh?"
At this moment, the wolf man started growling, and throwing things around the apartment in a mad rage.
Looking out the window, his wife sees a full moon and says to herself, "Well, I guess it's that time of the month."



Aries pushes the others aside to get to the door first.

Taurus will only eat the finest of Swiss chocolates.

Gemini goes around the neighborhood once, changes costumes and goes around again.

Cancer stays at home and gives candy to the other trick-or-treaters.

Leos plan their costume for months, then won't go out because someone else had the same idea.

Virgo wears a neatly-pressed suit and tells everyone they're a bookkeeper.

Libra is still standing in front of the closet trying to decide on a costume.

Scorpio isn't in it for the candy.

Sagittarius will manage to wander to the next town.

Capricorn makes a list of all the houses that give good candy and the optimal route to take.

Aquarius builds the costume out of spare flashlights and spends all night tinkering when it shorts.

Pisces skips the whole thing to compose poetry to the Moon.

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