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Forgive me for once again putting off penning the Muse until 10:30 PM Sunday night! And now hubby is watching the Doors DVD I bought for him I don't know how many Christmas's ago, and it is hard to be contemplative amidst all that pseudo Jim Morrison cursing and cacaphonous music and crowd roaring. So there is my disclaimer for the first Muse of the year.

At the end of the year and the beginning of the new year, I like to ruminate about what transpired last year, including setbacks and progress, not just on a personal level but also on a familial and greater community level. What did I learn? What did I make better? Worse? Etc. No sense in writing resolutions. My contrary nature negates them before I even pen them. Perhaps I should make a resolution to gain weight, earn less money, sleep more, and read less.And of course resolve never to exercise again. Hmmmm that's an interesting concept.

So not only is it the end of the year, but there is all of this buzz that we are entering a new decade. Or are we jumping the gun a bit here? Wouldn't the decade be from 2000 through 2010 instead of 1999 through 2009? Oh whatever. It looks prettier in print to ring in the new decade with 2010 rather than 2011. Say it out loud- twenty-ten. Nice and neat. Almost sounds like an Asian menu item.

Nineteen nighty nine. Now that had a nice ring to it too. Who would have thought it would be the "decade of deceit"? No, this is not original. I saw it in the paper. Whether or not we are officially at the start of a new decade is beside the point. These past ten years have been momentous. There's just no way to succinctly sum them up. But I will list a few of the, uh, "highlights" for lack of a better term. (click on the Mandala picture for a cool interactive timeline!) I didn't attempt to include the wars and the Jackson family news.

  1. 2000- Human Genome Mapped
  2. 2001- iTunes, 911, Anthrax, iPod
  3. 2002-Axis of Evil, Color Coded Terror Alert
  4. 2003- Schwarzenegger elected CA Gov. Saddam Captured, Mad Cow disease
  5. 2004- Facebook launches, Gay Marraige approved in some states, Martha Stewart went to prison, WMD final report, Tsunami in Asia
  6. 2005- New Pope, You Tube, Hurricane Katrina
  7. 2006- Pluto is ousted as a planet, Wii introduced
  8. 2007-Global Warming, Price is Right ends, iPhone, Catholic Church Sex Scandal
  9. 2008-Fidel resigns, China Earthquake, Michael Phelps sets Olympic record, AIG bailout, Bernie Madoff Ponzie scheme
  10. 2009- Disabled Plane safely lands in Hudson, Obama Stimulus, Jay Leno signs off, Swine Flu Epidemic, Oprah announces plans to resign. US Unemployment at 10%

And all of this while hub and I were in the midst of raising four teenagers! We had a few milestones of our own. Graduations, 20 years married and the like. I am thankful that our highlights were happy!

So what is the lesson to be learned? Heck if I know. What I do know is that I keep on buying books that say the same thing. Can't seem to get quite enough of them. The main message is: Do your best and let God do the rest. Be mindful of the present. Do one thing at a time with full attention. Take time to smell the roses. I can dig that. This mamma will no longer bask in the multitask. Don't want to talk on my cell while I am driving, cooking or walking our dog. Don't want to eat dinner in front of the TV. I am fortunate to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time anymore, and I am proud of that!

I wonder what the highlights will be after the next ten years pass. I'm hoping for gentler weather worldwide - ixnay on the quakes, canes and nami's! An end to raging wars. A boost to the economy. A greener existance. More compassion and less greed. More laughter and less tears. Community begins at home.

Happy New Day / Year / Decade

*** sorry Yogi- no new recipe this time***

Neologisms- New Words

1. Carpocalypse

n. The financial devastation being wreaked upon the global automotive industry.

"I don't think General Motors will survive the carpocalypse."

2. Elevens

n. Vertical wrinkles on the forehead, just above the nose, that occur as a result from squinting, scowling or worrying.

"Karen's been so freaked out about finishing her book that she's developing a severe case of elevens. "

3. Momager

n. The mother of a celebrity who also serves as business or talent manager

"If Lindsay's momager knew what she was doing, the girl might not have ended up in the tabloids."

4. Intrapreneur

n. A person who focuses on innovative entrepreneurial development within a large company

"Jill is worried about getting laid off, so she's become a real intrapreneur, launching three new products in three months."

5. Obamanation

n. Used by critics of the current U.S. president to describe particularly disliked government initiatives.

"Have you heard about the latest Obamanation? Bailout funds for unemployed seal-clubbers."

6. Econocide

n. Suicide caused by or relating to a down economy, i.e., stock brokers jumping out of skyscrapers.

"If Citigroup drops below $3 again, I think Eric's a risk for econocide."

7. Pregorexia

n. Excessive skinniness during a period of pregnancy. Frequently displayed by Hollywood celebrities.

"Did you see her on the red carpet at the Oscars? It looks like she has a serious case of pregorexia."

8. Unfriend

n. To remove a contact from your network on a social networking site, such as Facebook.

"Michael keeps spamming me with requests to join his pirate army and take stupid quizzes. I'm totally going to unfriend him."

9. Twitterati

n. The most read and most influential users of microblogging service Twitter.

"Speculating on Steve Job's health is all the rage among the Twitterati."

10. Politainment

n. A form of entertainment that makes a mockery of politics

"You shouldn't get your news from Jon Stewart--it's just politainment."


Gen Y Lingo

1. Pwn (pone)
v. To “power own” something or someone. Derived years ago from World of Warcraft smack talk, this slang has been adopted throughout other online games, and has since surfaced in the mainstream real world
“I pwn-ed Stephen last night in Wii Tennis.”

2. Geequals
n. Two people who are equal in depth of arcane knowledge
“I knew I had met my geequal when Frank showed me his Star Wars light saber iPhone app

3. Retox (ree-tox)
v. To go back on your New Year’s resolutions and do the opposite of the goals you set for yourself
“Instead of following my resolution to get fit this year, I decided to retox and take up cooking classes instead. Oh well, no one follows New Year’s resolutions anyway, right?”

4. Alt-worthy
adj. A term used to describe people or things considered to be cool or trendy
“The pop-up art gallery on Elizabeth Street is alt-worthy.”

5. ‘Kward (kwerd)
adj. Awkward
“Whoa, that conversation was very ‘kward.”

6. Epic Fail
n. A frequently used term in the video game community that quite simply means you really messed up and/or something/someone is an utter failure
“Dude, your attempt to get that girl’s number was an epic fail.”

7. Cupcake
v. To stay home with your boyfriend/girlfriend to cuddle
“It’s raining and cold outside; I think I’ll skip the bars and cupcake tonight.”

8. nontroversy
n. A false or non-existent controversy.

9. dysrationalia
n. The tendency to think or act irrationally in certain situations, despite having sufficient intelligence.
—dysrational adj.

10. frugal fatigue
n. Mental exhaustion caused by constant frugality during hard economic times. Also: frugality fatigue.

January 4, 2010
Next Post date: February 1, 2010

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10 Trends of 2010

1 Business as Unusual
Trendwatching.com believes that business needs to "move with the culture" to mirror today's diverse, networked and chaotic society. Expect to see more Google-esque brands that break the mold, promoting transparency or honesty, having conversations instead of advertising or perhaps displaying generosity rather than greed.

2. Urbany
"Urbanization on steroids" throughout 2010, 2011, 2012 will make "city" culture more sophisticated, demanding, connected and daring. Consumers will be open-minded and prone to challenge the status quo. There will also be a growth of products themed around urban centres, such as Absolut's Los-Angeles vodka or Guerlain's Paris - Moscow perfume fragrance.

3. Real-Time Reviews
Powered by real-time social networking such as Facebook and Twitter, consumers will exchange ideas and reviews instantly online. The implication? Magazine reviews are the things of the past. Our friends will give us their opinion, we'll have instant access to the most popular apps, games or films online and we have a social link with the reviewer to ask questions.

4. (F)Luxury
Post-crunch, luxury is back, says trendwatching.com. But this time, it's defined by more than just what's big and what's expensive. Think unique, invite-only, temporary, eco-friendly, personalized or anything else in short supply, rather than costly.

5. Mass mingling
Dire predictions of a virtual reality world in which consumers sit behind computers haven't materialized - yet. 2010 will be the year of social networking for real-life networking; events organized online but happening in the real world. Consumers will use the online world to meet more people and have impromptu gatherings based around common online interests.

6. Eco-Easy
The Green agenda will still be big, but it will be easier to do. Expect either more regulation to force society to do things we'd like to do but never get round to, or innovative brilliance that convinces consumers to do them anyway. Recent examples include green taxes or unilateral decisions by major chains to stop selling certain products.

7. Tracking and Alerting
Consumers will know what's going on, where, faster than ever. Current examples such as parcel tracking will be expanded so that we're in the know about virtually every aspect of our lives - whether it's train delays on Twitter, food menus by email or GPS location tracking of friends.

8. Embedded Generosity
Closely related to eco-easy; being nice will get easier. There will be more products for sale with built-in donations (a variant on the popular (RED) AIDS-charity) and customers can expect their buy-one-get-one-free extra to be donated to charity instead of themselves.

9. Profile Myning
Consumers will get more savvy about the data held online on personal profiles (Facebook, Twitter, mySpace etc) and begin using companies to make money from it. This trend could be seen as a natural evolution of Google AdWords, but in 2010 we'll begin prizing our online lives more. Firms that safeguard or back up personal data will flourish. Especially when we die - digital afterlife services are expected to flourish.

10. Maturialism
Trendwatching.com predicts that 2010 will be raw, opinionated and risqué. Consumers are no longer underinformed and inexperienced, so expect brands to be daring and diverse to grab our attention.

Source: www.trendwatching.com. One of the world's leading trend firms, trendwatching.com sends out its free, monthly Trend Briefings to more than 160,000 subscribers worldwide.


Seasonal Shopping Tips

1. Electronics- SPRING- Japan's Fiscal Year begins in April- last year's models goon sale to make room for the new products.

2. Airplane Tickets- On a Wednesday, 21 days (or a couple of days earlier) before your flight.

3. Cars- Weekday mornings in September- the new models have arrived and dealers want to sell the old models.

4. Champagne- December as there is fierce competition to sell to the masses.

5. Clothing- Thursday evenings, six to eight weeks after an item arrives in stores.

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