My Toilet Is Full- It Can’t Take Anymore Crap!

Something has come over me in the past year, and I am not so sure that I like it. I am starting to confront the issues that bother me. Granted, I am unaccustomed to doing so, and am very novice in the manner that I conduct my confrontations. It all started with my daughter’s First Communion last year.

I was very ill during the planning process, but we managed to drive to San Fernando to purchase a dress. Our school happened to stipulate that the dresses must be at least 8 inches from the floor. Our dress was about 7 inches from the floor, and it was the closest we could find in the given time frame. We purchased a petticoat to poof it out and raise it that one needed inch. I knew we were taking a chance with the dress code Nazi at our school, but the practical part of me couldn’t justify spending $40 to alter a $50 dress for no logical reason. It wasn’t like she was going to trip on it or anything, so we decided to take our chances.

Of course we got busted on the day of my daughter’s First Communion. It was already an emotional day for me, as none of my immediate family members could attend, and I was still physically under the weather. My daughter and I were called into the school office to “pin up” her dress. Needless to say, I was livid, and I made sure that it was apparent. My emotions got the better of me, and I was sure my face was red. The principal kept trying to make light of it, and I kept responding with hostility. They kept mentioning that the day should be enjoyable for my daughter, who was the real victim in this stupid power struggle. I replied that it was a darn good thing that she had a large bladder because she lost her only opportunity to use the rest room due to the stupid fiasco of pinning up her dress.

It all worked out fine, and people claimed that they didn't notice.
I realized that the principal was in a tough spot. This wasn't her rule. She had to back up the teacher who brought it to her attention. I like our principal. I felt really bad about being a jerk to her. After a few weeks I was nearly over it and I approached the principal and formally apologized. She smiled and said that she hoped I wouldn't be upset if they changed that rule next year, as my reaction to having to pin up my daughter’s dress made them review the unnecessary rule. I told her that if I could save just one person from the futility of paying to have a beautiful dress altered unnecessarily, my tantrum will have served its purpose. That was confrontation number one. Was the outcome worth the tantrum? Maybe.

Confrontation number two was shortly thereafter with my best friend. Actually, it was really my response to her confrontation. I made an unseemly comment to her daughter at my sons’ graduation party. I was attempting to make Margaritas in the kitchen with two shots lime juice and one shot tequila while waiting on my husband and twin graduates to come home. Everyone was complaining that the Margaritas were too sour and I had no idea where I was going wrong. Just then, my friend’s daughter came into the kitchen and said,”I feel awkward. I don't know anyone here.” She had brought a friend along just for this reason, so I was wondering what the problem was. Something awful possessed me to say, “Hey, don't be high maintenance. It’s not about you, it’s about R & G today, and when they get here, you will know someone.” My friend quickly replied, “Oh! We’ll just be on our way then!” I immediately apologized and stressed the fact that I made a terrible “sarcastic” joke. I have absolutely nothing against my friend’s daughter. She is a delightful girl who has never offended me in the slightest way. I to this day do not know what possessed me to make that rude comment, and I could understand my friend being offended. But it didn’t end there. A few days later, I decided that the verbal apology wasn’t enough and emailed a formal apology. I received a caustic emailed response from my friend accusing me of all sorts of unfriendly like behavior. Oh geeze. Heart in the throat time again. I decided to let it go and really walk on eggs around her. That wasn’t good enough because she sent an email wanting a response to her email. That was tough. I actually took the time to defend myself. In the past, I would have backed down and ate crow. Well, I never did get a response to my response, and let the embers cool. I don’t know if our friendship was weakened or strengthened by this whole thing. Per ducky in Chicken Little, do I feel we had closure? Not in the least. Are we still friends? Absolutely. Was the confrontation worth it? Yes. I felt better after I defended myself.

Confrontation number three just happened today. After working for a year and a half at my job as a “customer service representative” (but doing oh so much more!) for a travel insurance agency, I asked for a review. It was delayed and postponed for as long as possible. I was told they would have to think about an appropriate raise, and that they’d get back to me “in a few days”. Well, weeks passed and my resentment brewed. I let my supervisor know that I was keeping my options open. About a week later, the big boss called me into her office and mentioned that they didn’t “forget about me” it was just that the travel industry was in hard times and sales were down, so I would have to wait for any sort of a raise. At least the possibility of a raise had been mentioned. Progress to my previously unanswered emails regarding the matter. Then, due to horrible work performance, they had to let two employees go, and my duties doubled. I was again called into the big boss’s office where I was told that I would be getting what I thought was a dollar an hour raise to be paid retroactively from September. She noted that this was a “very good” raise, as they were happy with my performance. I accepted, and agreed to go back to working 29 hours a week while they looked for a replacement to my fired coworker.

Today I got my check and noted that I was only increased .50¢ per hour. Oh boy. Perhaps it was an error like the last time I was given a .50¢ raise, which wasn’t reflected on my paycheck until I brought it to their attention. It doesn’t help that the woman who cuts my paycheck is a fellow soccer mom, who was the one who told me about the job in the first place. It was humiliating to have to go and beg for my raise from her. So, on the off chance that another such error in their favor might have been made, I again approached her regarding my paycheck. She calmly stated that no error had been made, that I was only due a .50¢ raise and that I must have misunderstood the big boss. We then had a pow wow. I was becoming quite emotional and told them that unless they were willing to at the very least pay me the dollar an hour raise I was expecting, I was prepared to walk out the door right then and there. My adult version of throwing a temper tantrum. Now they can’t very well give the tantrum throwing baby a lollypop. But they really aren’t in a position to lose a decent employee at this time either. The other two customer service reps have had it too, and are both in the process of looking for another job. I didn’t mention that. The boss asked me if I thought I was worth more than the other employees and I quickly replied that I thought that I was due to my work ethic and experience. They seemed to ponder that for a bit. They intonated that they were offended by my tone and unreasonable demand and were tempted to let me walk out the door, but before I could get up from my chair, they quickly added that we all ought to take a few days to cool down and have another discussion on Thursday. I demanded a date so as not to be put off again for an undetermined amount of time. They tried to appeal to my logic by mentioning that the current job market for customer service pays $10/hr. I reminded them that I do much more than Customer Service and am always willing to assume more duties. I told them I would stick around until our Thursday conversation. I had to fill in my poor supervisor who will have to once again retrain someone to fill my position. She chuckled and asked if I got “nasty” with them. I told her that I wasn’t being nasty on purpose. I have learned a few things from all of this. When hired at a new job, get it in writing when my review can be expected, and ask about raises. When offered a raise, always get it in writing. I’ll probably go back to slinging hash for a living. At least I will garner some respect and have some control over my earnings. And people think it’s a lowly job! When I walk out the door, I’ll be sure to ask them if they want fries with that! It’ll make those soccer games against my ex boss’s son’s team all the more exciting to watch!


Love, and do what you like.

-Saint Augustine


Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.

-Thomas A. Edison


When the heart is narrow, the tongue is wide.

- Solomon Ibn Gabirol, Mibhar HaPeninim


God's mystery is the rich spectrum of color that is gathered together in the purity of the sun's white light.

-Eberhard Arnold

Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me, and I'll understand.

-Chinese Proverb


There simply is nothing to which we can attach ourselves, no matter how hard we try. In time, things will change and the conditions that produced our current desires will be gone. Why then cling to them now?

-Master Hsing Yun, "The Indescribable"


You must get involved to have an impact. No one is impressed with the won-lost record of the referee.

-John Holcomb


Why would anyone speak cruel words,
Having observed the happiness that kind words confer?

To utter harsh words when sweet ones would serve
Is like eating unripe fruits when ripe ones are at hand.

-Tirukkural 10: 99-100


The good die young that they may not degenerate; the wicked live on that they may have a chance to repent, or to produce a virtuous progeny.

-Zohar, Genesis, 56b


Peace does not dwell in outward things, but in the heart prepared to wait trustfully and quietly on Him who has all things safely in His hands.

-Elisabeth Elliot


A hundred times a day I remind myself
that my inner and outer life depend
on the labors of other men,
living and dead,
and that I must exert myself in order
to give in the measure as I have received
and am still receiving.

- Albert Einstein


Behold the turtle. He only makes progress when he sticks his neck out.

-James Bryant Conant


Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.

-Basil King


God doesn't always smooth the path, but sometimes he puts springs in the wagon.

-Marshall Lucas


Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.



To work on oneself, to make clear that which confuses and depresses us, even if it entails the greatest pain--that is what is meant by being good.

- Rahel Levin Varnhagen, "Briefe," 1877


It is human to think wisely and act in an absurd fashion.

-Anatole France


I have a 'Play The Melody' philosophy. It means don't over-arrange, don't make life difficult. Just play the melody—and do it the simplest way possible.

-Jackie Gleason


Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

-Will Rogers


If you are losing a tug-of-war with a tiger, give him the rope before he gets to your arm. You can always buy a new rope.

-Max Gunther


December 5, 2005
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Muslim Toilet (Remind me never to visit!)


You're all familiar with the Christmas song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas" I think. To most it's a delightful nonsense rhyme set to music. But it had a quite serious purpose when it was written.
It is a good deal more than just a repetitious melody with pretty phrases and a list of strange gifts.
Catholics in England during the period 1558 to 1829, when Parliament finally emancipated Catholics in England, were prohibited from ANY practice of their faith by law - private OR public. It was a crime to BE a Catholic.
"The Twelve Days of Christmas" was written in England as one of the "catechism songs" to help young Catholics learn the tenets of their faith - a memory aid, when to be caught with anything in writing indicating adherence to the Catholic faith could not only get you imprisoned, it could get you hanged, or shortened by a head - or hanged, drawn and quartered, a rather peculiar and ghastly punishment I'm not aware was ever practiced anywhere else. Hanging, drawing and quartering involved hanging a person by the neck until they had almost, but not quite, suffocated to death; then the party was taken down from the gallows, and disembowelled while still alive; and while the entrails were still lying on the street, where the executioners stomped all over them, the victim was tied to four large farm horses, and literally torn into five parts - one to each limb and the remaining torso.
The songs gifts are hidden meanings to the teachings of the faith. The "true love" mentioned in the song doesn't refer to an earthly suitor, it refers to God Himself. The "me" who receives the presents refers to every baptized person. The partridge in a pear tree is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. In the song, Christ is symbolically presented as a mother partridge which feigns injury to decoy predators from her helpless nestlings, much in memory of the expression of Christ's sadness over the fate of Jerusalem: "Jerusalem! Jerusalem! How often would I have sheltered thee under my wings, as a hen does her chicks, but thou wouldst not have it so..."
The other symbols mean the following:
2 Turtle Doves = The Old and New Testaments
3 French Hens = Faith, Hope and Charity, the Theological Virtues
4 Calling Birds = the Four Gospels and/or the Four Evangelists
5 Golden Rings = The first Five Books of the Old Testament, the "Pentateuch", which gives the history of man's fall from grace.
6 Geese A-laying = the six days of creation
7 Swans A-swimming = the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, the seven sacraments
8 Maids A-milking = the eight beatitudes
9 Ladies Dancing = the nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit
10 Lords A-leaping = the ten commandments
11 Pipers Piping = the eleven faithful apostles
12 Drummers Drumming = the twelve points of doctrine in the Apostle's Creed

The Night before Christmas for MOMs

'Twas was the night before Christmas, when all thru the abode,
only one creature was stirring, and she was cleaning the commode.
The children were finally sleeping, all snug in their beds,
while visions of Nintendo 64 and Barbie, flipped through their heads.

The dad was snoring in front of the TV,
with a half-constructed bicycle on his knee.
So only the mom heard the reindeer hooves clatter,
which made her sigh, "Now what's the matter?"

With toilet bowl brush still clutched in her hand,
she descended the stairs, and saw the old man.
He was covered with ashes and soot, which fell with a shrug.
"Oh great," muttered the mom, "Now I have to clean the rug."

"Ho-ho-ho!" cried Santa, "I'm glad you're awake."
"Your gift was especially difficult to make."
"Thanks, Santa, but all I want is some time alone."
"Exactly!" he chuckled, "I've made you a clone."
"A clone?" she asked, "What good is that?
Run along, Santa, I've no time for chit-chat."

The mother's twin. Same hair, same eyes,
same double chin. "She'll cook, she'll dust, "
she'll mop every mess. You'll relax, take it easy,
watch The Young & the Restless." "Fantastic!" the mom cheered.
"My dream come true! "I'll shop. I'll read., I'll sleep a whole night
through! "

From the room above, the youngest began to fret.
"Mommy?! I scared... and I 'm wet."

The clone replied, "I'm coming, sweetheart."
"Hey," the mom smiled, "She knows her part."
The clone changed the small one, and hummed a tune,
as she bundled the child, in a blanket cocoon.

"You the best mommy ever. " I really love you."
The clone smiled and sighed, "I love you, too."
The mom frowned and said, "Sorry, Santa, no deal. "
That's my child's love, she's trying to steal."

Smiling wisely Santa said, "To me it is clear, "
Only one loving mother, is needed here."

The mom kissed her child, and tucked her into bed.
"Thank you, Santa, " for clearing my head.
I sometimes forget, it won't be very long,
when they'll be too old, for my cradle-song."

The clock on the mantle began to chime.
Santa whispered to the clone, "It works every time."
With the clone by his side Santa said, "Goodnight.
Merry Christmas, Mom, You'll be all right.

Author unknown

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