A Penny is a Lot of Money

Gotta say, I do love progress. Although I don't have much time to spend updating my Myspace, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter accounts (I just do this blog once a month to cover all those bases), I do love being contacted by old friends. Not "old" as in chronological age (we are all still spring chickens) but "old friends" as in folks I haven't seen hide nor hair of since High School!

So the other morning I received a "friend" request from a gal with whom I went to both grammar and High School. She married her High School sweetheart and had photos of her beautiful children in her profile (I have yet to add any photos to mine- but maybe one of these days!). I quickly added her as a friend and was then able to view who she is friends with. I saw a familiar name and had a rush of melancholy as I remembered a valuable life lesson learned in the Third Grade. Thank goodness for this, as I was struggling to find something upbeat to share this month!

Diana was the first Jewish person I ever met. There wasn't a large Jewish population in Diamond Bar back in the 70's. She was a bright young lady, and I can clearly recall her questioning our teachers, Mrs. Tangeman ( a soft spoken Marilyn Monroe type), and Mr. Whipple (think "Charmin" man- remember those commercials?) why our school failed to recognize Hanukkah and Passover, yet we made Christmas and Easter crafts and had classroom celebrations. My how times have changed since then! Now we are aware of Kwanza, Tet, Chinese New Year, Cinco de Mayo.......

So getting back to the lesson...... to the best of my recollection, a few friends, including Diana, and I were sitting in a circle on the blacktop visiting. Diana was showing us her shiny penny. Being attracted to bling even before bling was the thing, I asked if I could hold her penny. You see, I am one of those people who can't "see" without touching. Drives my husband crazy. He can't go to Carmel with me and shop in the giftshops since it goes against his proper upbringing that obliges one to "look but not touch" delicate merchandise. But I digress.

So Diana gladly hands over the penny for my joyous perusal, and I proceed to drop it. It rolls into the drain gate and plinks down to the netherworld! To this day I don't know quite how it happened. I gasped and then recoiled at Diana's admonition, "Julie! You lost my penny!! You had better bring me a replacement penny tomorrow!" I was a bit taken by surprise at her anger. I remember saying something along the lines of, "But Diana, it's only a penny. You can't even buy a piece of bubble gum with a penny anymore!" Diana's quick response- the one I will never ever forget, was this, "Julie, if you had .99¢ and you needed a dollar, a penny is lot of money!" Heck, I couldn't argue with that, and I am pretty sure I brought her the requested replacement penny the next day. What a lesson. I never looked at pennies quite the same way again.

Seeing her name brought all of these memories back. We need someone like her in charge of the California budget.. I would venture to figure that she is very well off and has invested wisely. I sent her a little note, and I hope she replies. I have to say, her photo was lovely!

Happy Memorial and Mother's Day Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


Q: Who invented copper wire?
A: Two tax attorneys fighting over a penny.


Blonde Millionaire

A blonde named Barbara appeared on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire...

Regis: "Barbara, you've done very well so far - $500,000 and one lifeline left. The next question will give you the million dollars if you get it right ... but if you get it wrong you will drop back to $32,000 -- are you ready?"

Barbara: "Sure I'll have a go."

Regis: "Which of the following birds does not build it's own nest? Is it...


"Remember, Barbara, it's worth 1 million dollars."

Barbara: "It's a cuckoo."

Regis: "You're sure? You can walk with the $500,000 or play on for the million."

Barbara: "I want to play, I'll go with C - Cuckoo."

Regis: "Is that your final answer?"

Barbara: "It is."

Regis: "Are you confident?"

Barbara: "Absolutely!"

Regis: "Barbara.....you had $500,000 and you said C -Cuckoo. Well....you're right! - You have just won ONE MILLION DOLLARS Here is
your check. You have been a great contestant and a real gambler. Audience please put your hands together for Barbara."

That night Barbara calls her friend Carol and they go to a local bar for a celebration drink. As they are sipping their champagne. Carol turns to Barbara and asks, "Tell me, how did you know that it was the cuckoo that does not build its own nest?"

"It was so simple," Barbara replied, "Everybody knows that cuckoos live
in clocks."


I'm so broke....

I'm so broke, I go to KFC and lick other peoples fingers.

I'm so broke me and my girlfriend got married for the rice.

I'm so broke, if a trip around the world cost a nickel, I wouldn't have enough to leave the couch!

I'm so broke that I just went into McDonald's and put a small fry on layaway.

If pickles were 10 cents a truckload I couldn't buy a wart off a cucumber!

I'm so broke, just to rub two nickels together, I'd have to borrow one.

We were so broke, that at Christmas, all we could exchange was glances.

I'm so broke, the bank asked for their calendar back.

I'm so broke, long distance companies don't even call me to switch!

If I stopped on a dime, I'd probably owe it to someone.

I ain't broke, but I'm severely bent.

Someone saw me kicking a can down the street, and when asked what I was doing I said, "Moving."

I'm so broke I can't afford to pay attention!

A guy walked into our house, stepped on a cigarette and my Mom yelled, "Who turned off the heat?"

I'm so broke that when someone saw my Mom walking down the street with one shoe, they said, "Hey, you lost a shoe." She said, "No, I found one."

We're so broke that if someone rings our doorbell I have to yell, "Ding Dong!" out the window.

May 4, 2009
Next Post date: June 1, 2009
Happy Memorial & Mother's Day & Cinco de Mayo

Penny Quotes:

“A penny is a lot of money, if you have not got a penny.”

Yiddish Proverb


“A bad penny always comes back”

German Proverb


“Penny wise is often pound foolish.”

French Proverb


“It may be a penny for your thoughts, but it is now a quarter for your voice.”

Esther B. Fein


“I won't play for a penny less than fifteen hundred dollars”

Honus Wagner


“A penny saved is two pence clear, A pin a day's a groat a year”

Benjamin Franklin


“A penny saved is a penny to squander.”

Ambrose Bierce


“If I'm playing cards for pennies, I want to win.”


“Technically a penny stock is any stock trading under five dollars. This is where you find stocks that have the potential to go up hundreds or even thousands of percent.”

William McKinley


* To attract good fortune, spend a new penny on an old friend, share an old pleasure with a new friend and lift up the heart of a true friend by writing his name on the wings of a dragon. Proverb


Electricity can be dangerous. My nephew tried to stick a penny into a plug. Whoever said a penny doesn't go far didn't see him shoot across that floor. I told him he was grounded.
Tim Allen


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