Save $$$$$$$$

Below I've listed some links that I've found to be tremendously useful for saving cash. They are well worth surveying! I use them all on a regular basis and they are great!

The Grocery Game Tells you how to save $$ on your groceries by using cupons only when the items are at rock bottem prices. I can't even believe that I am saving about $400.00 a month with this. Never thought clipping cupons could be such a cheap thrill.

Genesis Technologies, Inc. Huge student discounts on software.I bought the entire Adobe Web Design Package for Mac OSX including Adobe Photoshop 7.0, GoLive, Illustrator, and Live Motion, including manuals for $300.00. And It's not in California so I paid no tax! The same package goes for about $2,000.00 at the Apple Store. You just need to have a student or a teacher purchase it for you.

Phenomenal Internet Solutions The cheapest Web Hosting I have found. They offer wonderful technical support and will register your domain name free of charge.

Ink Jet Madness Printer Ink at a fraction of retail prices. I bought 14 Epson Stylus printer ink cartridges for $90.00 with free shipping. They are located in Simi Valley and I got my ink in two days! Great ink too. I will never pay retail again. Order all of your pet flea prevention tonics, chew toys, pig ears etc. for about 20% cheaper than in retail stores. They even sent my dog a surprise which she adores. They must know what they're doing. Be it specialty cookie cutters or pastel dragees, edible food markers or silpat mats, they've got it here. Quick and convenient.

If you would like to share any of your money saving secrets please email Jewel the information and I will post it on this page.