University Boys

It being October and all, I thought it might be appropriate to write about something really scary! My baby twin boys grew up and are now separated for the first time- attending different universities! And very successfuly, I might add.

The initial fright actually began last year when we were attempting to gather all of that info for the FAFSA applications and scholarships (that ship sank for us- I am renaming it Scholarkayak) and colledge app fees and "dead"lines for it all. One kid is something, but two completely different guys? Shiite! (no political reference there- I just like to play with words that sound / look alike to emphasize the point I am making.Helps me remember what I am talking about, and oftentimes gets a delayed surprised reaction.... ya gotta be a crazy to get a crazy)

So Computer Boy wanted to attend a swanky accelerated Computer Science University in Utah called Neumont. They were seriously courting him with lovely marketing materials brilliantly packaged in that mirror like packaging paper that Ram comes in. He would check the mail and run into the house and rip open the materials, thinking against all reason that his dad had finally purchased more Ram for the lagging computers- only to find information on a private university none of us had ever heard of. Course he decided he wanted to go there and I was down for it until I learned of the $50K per year price tag! They threw a bit of money our way, but it wasn't enough to make it a feasible choice for us. He also applied to UCLA (where my niece goes and which is geographically welcoming) UCI, and UCR . UCLA didn't have any room for a 4.2 upper middle class white boy, UCR was salivating to have him and UCI put him on the wait list. So we had to wait. Then at the last second, he was accepted. We had half the time to make all of the arrangements for entrance exams, housing, registration- not to mention getting the money together! Parent Plus Loans, Home Equity Loan? Refinance? Shiite! There! I did it again!

After all of that, hub was ready to throw in the towel and insist he attend CSUN which is walking distance from our house, and hence would not entail the housing costs nor parking fees etc. Besides, Soccer Boy decided to go there after UCSD, and UCSB rejected his applications. Better to keep the entire family together for as long as possible. He almost had me with that, but Computer Boy really wanted to spread his wings and soar, and he had worked so hard for it, working through his Junior and Senior year, was an instrumental member of the Bishop Almany Robotics club (which went to the National Competition in Georgia-I might add) took 3 AP classes and got straight A's, all the while being obsessed with Anime and finding the time to download endless episodes of bootleg online programs, much to his father's chagrin. He also studied Japanese, Korean, and Chinese just for fun. He got accepted to UCI- the best Computer Science campus in CA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He just had to go. It was not an easy battle to win. Much as I did NOT want my boy to move out (sob sob sob- what would I do for tech support and who would cook the dumplings? ), I knew he wanted it and was more than capable of handling it. All of the pieces seemed to be falling into place. There is a Stonefire Grill nearby that he could transfer to ( good thing in this job crunch!), his first girly friend (they met when they were 12 at a CSUN summer school computer class) ended up going there too. My boss's daughter attends UCI and gave us all sorts of wonderfully useful info. The carpooling aspect was beginning to look pretty good....

Course the day he was scheduled to move into his dorm happened to fall on the day after my little cousin's wedding that had been planned some 18 months ago, taking our hectic schedule into consideration.It was kind of weird how it all went down. We got the out of town wedding invite before the UCI move in date. Hubby informed me that he would not be attending the family wedding as it fell on the same night as his 30th High School reunion, which apparently trumped the family wedding. I wasn't thrilled about making the 9 hr drive without his charming company, but then we got the notice that Computer Boy's UCI move in date was the following day. I figured it was fate taking care of things, and that maybe it would be easier on my psyche not to be present when my eldest boy moved out of the nest.

But the terrible part was that I didn't get to say a proper mamma good-bye. I came home to one less person at the homestead. It was so surreal. I didn't want to hover, so decided to let him get settled in a bit.I sent him an email with a few questions. It went unanswered! Then I decided to try texting- you know- that's the only way Gen Y communicates nowadays.That was somewhat successful- but I could tell he as playing Starcraft or watching Anime as the texting spelling was atrocious. Heck with the texting! I knew he was there since he was haphazardly responding to my millions of questions, so I went balls out (No I don't have real balls- it's just an expression!) and decided to call him. Damn it all if he didn't pick up!!! I was furious. First he blew off my email, then didn't pick up my call when I knew he was present! Then I find out he was returning my husband's emails but blew mine off!! I was crushed. It was awful. Then I got mad. If he wouldn't use that phone to converse with his own mom, then, well, his own mom just might "forget " to pay his portion of the exhorbitnt iPhone bill. Hmpf.

Then I whined to all of my buds, including the mother of his girly friend and my boss who both had very communicative daughters at the same university, and were both more than sympathetic to my pain. They tried to comfort me with the usual- he's busy, he's adjusting, he's a boy. By the time Thursday rolled along, Computer Boy admitted to being a bit homesick and fessed up that he wanted to come home for the weekend. Besides, there was laundry to be done and leftovers to be eaten. He got out of class at 11 AM on Friday (my day off). Well, Princess and I had plans to go iceskating in celebration of her 13th birthday, and I could not go and pick him up. That meant I also wan't able to pick up my sick Buddha Boy from Alemany's brutal soccer conditioning. While Princess and I were enjoying hot cocoa in the chilly ice rink, hubby was able to navigate both boys Westward on "rapid" transit. Buddah Boy had to wait an hour for the bus, and then didn't know that he had to let the bus driver know where he wanted to get off the bus. Ended up getting off 2 miles down the road and had to walk home in the heat. Computer Boy successfully managed to meet us three hours later in Burbank just in time for dinner! Soccer Boy was in class at CSUN and didn't have to take any busses that day.

So we had a lovely weekend as a family, and I drove Computer Boy back to UCI on Sunday. Got to see his dorm which was incredibly organized! Hubby did a fantastic job getting him settled in. A place for everything and everything in its place! Soccer Boy and Princess came along to see the dorm situation. After delivering Computer Boy to his dorm and checking out the goods, we went for dinner at Cha, walked about a mile to see Girly friend's dorm which was very homey with things on the wall and snacks and music and pillows and people, then walked another mile and a half back to Computer Boy's dorm and visited Soccer Boy's best friend who is also dorming it at UCI, back to Computer Boy's dorm- checked out the community kitchen ( now that was the scariest of all!) the laundry room, the TV room, and then bid farewell.

Mamma was satisfied that all was well with the world. Computer Boy set her up with an AIM and Skype account and is now communicating. He even bussed it home again, after meeting with the Stonefire manager to arrange his work schedule, so he could pick up his grad/bday present of a customized laptop. Hitched a ride home- uh I mean back to UCI, with Boss's daughter. Cool!

Degree and Career Categories
Total Degrees Awarded

Business Administration and Management Programs 272,082
Liberal Arts and Sciences, Liberal Studies Programs 226,728
Nursing Programs 140,342
Psychology Programs 94,617
Medical Assistance Programs 74,330
Elementary Education Programs 67,780
Accounting Programs 66,321
Biology, Biological Sciences Programs 58,525
Cosmetology Programs 57,849
Licensed Practical Nurse Training Programs 52,886
General Studies Programs 52,546
English Language and Literature Programs 50,205
Business, Commerce Programs 47,604
Law Programs 44,223
Political Science and Government Programs 41,974
History Programs 38,043
Marketing and Marketing Management Programs 38,009
Communication Studies Programs 35,997
Social Work Programs 35,039
Education Programs 34,341
Finance Programs 34,296
Criminal Justice, Safety Studies Programs 34,269
Automotive Mechanics Technology Programs 33,953
Multiple, Interdisciplinary Studies, Other Programs 33,815
Nurse, Nursing Assistant and Patient Care Assistant Programs 32,104
Sociology Programs 31,791
Massage Therapy Programs 29,868
Computer and Information Sciences Programs 26,508
Economics Programs 26,483
Educational Leadership and Administration Programs 26,111
Criminal Justice, Police Science Programs 23,737
Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering Programs 23,649
Mechanical Engineering Programs 22,334
Special Education and Teaching Programs 21,633
Emergency Medical Technology Programs 21,055
Curriculum and Instruction Programs 19,172
Art and Art Studies Programs 18,921
Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement Administration Programs 18,700
Truck and Bus Driver, Commercial Vehicle Operation Programs 18,326
Mathematics Programs 17,695
Management Information Systems Programs 17,514
Culinary Arts Programs 16,976
Dental Assisting Programs 16,891
Early Childhood Education Programs 16,790
Liberal Arts and Sciences Studies and Humanities, Other Programs 16,738
Medicine Programs 16,185
Chemistry Programs 15,619
Administrative Assistant and Secretarial Science Programs 15,198
Legal Assistant, Paralegal Programs 15,173
Secondary Education Programs 14,677
Computer Science Programs 14,519
Business Administration, Management and Operations, Other Programs 14,264
Social Sciences Programs 14,210
Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications Programs 13,943
Journalism Programs 13,890
Civil Engineering Programs 13,769
Pharmacy Technician Programs 13,466
Counseling and Guidance Services Programs 13,413
Human Resources Management, Personnel Administration Programs 13,351
Public Administration Programs 12,392
Electrical and Communications Engineering Technology Programs 12,275
Physical Education Teaching and Coaching Programs 12,166
Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Refrigeration Maintenance Technology Programs 11,790
International Relations and Affairs Programs 11,676
Medical Administration Programs 11,567
Child Development Programs 11,451
Electrician Programs 11,441
Welding Technology Programs 11,272
Biological and Physical Sciences Programs 10,962
Accounting Technology and Bookkeeping Programs 10,893
Spanish Language and Literature Programs 10,823
Information Science Studies Programs 10,821
Education, Other Programs 10,803
Pharmacy Programs 10,743
Health, Health Care Administration and Management Programs 10,637
Fine Studio Arts Programs 10,635
Drama and Theatre Arts Programs 10,552
Music Programs 10,209
Health and Physical Education Programs 10,196
Information Technology Programs 10,033
Fire Science, Fire-Fighting Programs 9,758
Anthropology Programs 9,745
Humanities, Humanistic Studies Programs 9,661
Medical Insurance Coding Specialist Programs 9,623
Medical Radiologic Technology Programs 9,611
International Business, Trade and Commerce Programs 9,418
Architecture Programs 9,336
Surgical Technology Programs 9,258
Speech and Rhetorical Studies Programs 9,242
Allied Health and Medical Assisting Services, Other Programs 9,109
Kinesiology and Exercise Science Programs 9,047
Reading Teacher Education Programs 8,774
Media Studies Programs 8,772
Counseling Psychology Programs 8,732
Aesthetician Programs 8,631
Nursing, Other Programs 8,449
Interior Design Programs 8,404
Medical Insurance Specialist Programs 8,347
Physical Therapy Programs 8,182
Philosophy Programs 8,095

October 5, 2009
Next Post date: November 2, 2009

What To Pack For College

By Careers and Colleges

The What-To-Pack-For-College Checklist


* Planner, notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters
* Post-its, index cards
* Stapler, staples, tape, scissors
* Erasable message board and dry erase marker
* Bulletin board, push pins
* Envelopes, stamps
* Computer paper


* Alarm clock
* Laptop or desktop computer, printer, mousepad
* Desk lamp
* CD or MP3 player, headphones, CDs
* Small TV
* Cell phone and charger
* Fridge, microwave (if not provided)
* Extension cords and power strip
* Small fan
* Camera and/or video camera
* Batteries


* Plastic shower caddy
* Hairbrush, comb
* Shampoo, conditioner, soap
* Lotions, creams, deodorant
* Razor, nail clippers, and tweezers
* Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash
* Tissues


* Mattress pad
* Two sets of sheets
* Blanket, comforter
* Pillow
* Towels, washcloths


* Bathrobe
* Flip-flops or shower shoes
* Lots of jeans, sweatshirts, and sneakers
* Hangers
* Hanging shoe bag or shoe rack
* Laundry basket, laundry supplies


* Contact info for family and friends
* Contact info for doctors, employers, service providers, etc.
* Health insurance card
* All forms of personal ID


* Dishes, silverware, food storage containers
* Paper towels
* Cleaning supplies (mini-vacuum, air freshener, etc.)
* Adhesive mounting products such as removable double-sided tape
* Snack foods
* First-aid items
* Simple tool kit
* Small sewing kit
* Flashlight
* Extra light bulbs
* Photos and posters



Top ten ways the Bible would have been different if it had been written by College Students

* The loaves and fishes would be replaced by pizza and chips.

* The Ten Commandments are actually only five - but they are double-spaced and written in a large font, so they look like ten.

* The Forbidden fruit would have been eaten because it wasn''t dorm food.

* Paul''s letters to the Romans would become Paul''s e-mail to the Romans.

* Reason Cain killed Abel: They were roommates.

* The place where the end of the world occurs, not the Plains of Armageddon, rather finals.

* Tower of Babel blamed for foreign language requirement.

* Reason why Moses and followers walked in desert for 40 years: They didn''t want to ask directions and look like a freshman.

* Instead of God creating the world in six days and resting on the seventh, He would have put it off until the night before it was due and then pulled an all-nighter and hoped no one noticed.

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